This journey began just a few years back after purchasing a Mac intended to facilitate and expand my love for design. Taking my very first Graphic Design class at a nearby community college, it was suggested by a professor to continue courses in art history, ceramics and painting. Moving forward with my passion I received a bachelors in Studio Art from California State University Long Beach (Go Beach!)


I am fascinated by design, exploring new ways to create something new, or something re-created in a modern way. Design  is creative problem solving and visually communicating ideas. Through clear, concise and effective design are we able to reach our audience. These are the ideas that are the basis for my designs.


My passion for photography began when I shot B&W film with my first 35mm. From plastic cameras, to digital to large format, and my newest obsession,  my iPhone. The use of different formats has taught me to look at the subject in different ways and has influenced my image making process


Design and photography strike a balance between what I am able to create and what I am able to capture.

~ Gerardo